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By Robert Jordan

The Wheel of Time turns, and a while come and cross. What was once, what is going to be, and what's, may perhaps but fall below the Shadow. enable the Dragon experience back at the winds of time.

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His face matched any Aes Sedai for giving nothing away, but his scent made Perrin's ears try to lie back. Razor-sharp rage abruptly vanished in curiosity and caution, the one thin and probing, the other foglike; then slashing, murderous fury consumed both. Rand shook his head just slightly, and his smell became stony determination. Nobody's scent changed that fast. Nobody's. Taim had only his eyes to go by, of course, and all they could tell him was that Rand had shaken his head, if just barely.

Any sane man wanted to live. Any sane man would run as far as he could from a battle, run as hard $s he could. Stepper tossed his head, nostrils flaring at the smells from below, and Perrin patted the dun's neck. Aram was grinning as he looked at what Perrin tried to block out. Loial's face had so little expression it might have been carved from wood. " Drawing a deep breath, he made his eyes follow theirs, to Dumai's Wells. In some ways it was not as bad as the graves—he had known some of those people since he was a child—but it all crashed down on him at once anyway, like the scent in his nose made solid and smashing him between the eyes.

And also as companions for Kiruna and ... '' For an instant, he grinned. " Adjusting her shawl firmly, the leather-faced Wise One addressed the three sisters. " It was not unexpected that Bera would frown indignantly, or Kiruna become frost personified. Alanna gazed at the ground, resigned, almost sullen. Sorilea was having none of it. Clapping hands sharply, she, made brisk shooing motions. "Well? Move! " Reluctantly, the Aes Sedai let themselves be herded, making it seem they simply were going where they wished.

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