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By David Dalglish

“We are those who personal the evening. we're the ones with blood on our palms. we're the reapers, the demons, the darkish shadows wielding metal. we can't be denied our vengeance.”


Haern is the King's Watcher, protector opposed to thieves and nobles who may well fill the evening with blood. but 1000s of miles away, an murderer often called the Wraith has started slaughtering these in energy, and leaving the logo of the Watcher in mockery. while Haern travels south to confront his copycat killer, he unearths a urban governed via the corrupt, the grasping, and the damaging. Rioters fill the streets, and the specter of conflict with the mysterious elves hangs over all. to forestall it, Haern needs to confront the lethal Wraith, and the fellow he may become.

A DANCE OF dying by means of David Dalglish
Man or God; what occurs whilst the strains are blurred?

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Some shithead outed me. Generalissimo Lizardo says he'll protect me. Like fuck he will. He might control the camp during the day, but the night belongs to vigilantes. I'll be lucky if they don't necklace me. You know what that is. right? " "Listen," Will said. "You can escape. The perimeter patrols are a joke. I can go back to my tent and bring you some supplies. A razor. Shave oft your beard and if you get captured again, just give em a false name. " "It's too late for that, kid. That gemstone I was telling you about?

Here was a pocket strongman, a manipulator and would-be tyrant, the Dragon Baalthazar writ small. The hairs on the back of Will's neck prickled. Cruelty coupled with petty authority was, as he knew only too well, a dangerous combination. The Commandant pushed aside some papers and picked up a folder. " he said. " He read from the report. "Seizure of private property. Intimidation. Sexual harassment. Forced labor. Arson. " He dropped the folder on the desk. " "Transfer me or not, as you like. " "Bold words," the Commandant said, "for somebody who was conspiring with subversives not half an hour ago.

Outside, the dwarf pulled out a pack of cigarettes. He offered one to Will and snick a second in the corner of his mouth. " Will shrugged. "It's just... " The dwarf snorted. He was a red dwarf, with the ginger hair and swarthy complexion of his kind. "You suspect our beloved Commandant of unethical methods? " "Ha! There were ten in the tent. In my experience, that means at least two snitches. " "I've done time. Now that I'm out, I'm gonna keep my asshole clenched and my hand to the axe. " He turned away.

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