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Aglirta is called the Kingless Land. as soon as a wealthy and peaceable river valley, it has fallen into lawlessness, and its feuding baronies are engaged in a relentless country of conflict. however the land is kingless not more, for the slumbering King of legend, King Kelgrael, has been reawakened by means of the efforts of the valiant Band of Four:- Hawkril, a daring and courageous warrior proficient with nice power and fortitude- Craer, the artful and shrewdpermanent thief- Sarasper, the realized and clever healer and final yet now not least- woman Embra Silvertree, the paranormal girl of Jewels, a robust sorceressYet peace has no longer again. within the Kingless Land, excessive magic and wizard kings stood within the means, whereas within the Vacant Throne, civil wars and backstabbing barons resisted the recovery of order. Now, a strong warlord involves front to take keep an eye on via army may well, whereas the diabolic minions of the Serpent flow into place for a climactic conflict that might scar the Band of 4 without end.

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Chaos grips Aglirta like a strangler's hand on throats, he said," Old Adbert said, propping the stump of his left leg on the bench beside him with a grunt of pain. " "Chaos has been choking Aglirta since I was born, and before," Thaeker Blackcloak responded, spitting onto a passing rat. " "Admit nothing," one of the Luroan brothers called, from his corner table. " Thaeker flung back, swirling his tankard. "Look at it as entertainment, sent to us by the gods! This baron defies the regent here, and that one defies him there, in this small way or this larger way—so the Sleeping King awoke and named one baron his regent, what then?

It's not like Aglirta hasn't needed saving for several centuries or so! " And he lowered his own substantial backside onto an adjacent stone. They'd been sitting thus, breathing in heavy unison, for quite some time when the baron stiffened, turned his head a little, and listened intently, holding up a hand for silence. Flaeros bent his head and leaned in that direction, too. It wasn't long before he heard what had caught the baron's attention—and that even now made Glarsimber put a finger to lips for silence and gesture that they should both rise.

Save it," Sarasper croaked. "Any of us can drink it. " Waving one hand in a florid gesture to indicate that the healer should proceed to work on Embra, the procurer restoppered the flask, hooked it onto his belt, and shook his head. "I wish—just for once—I knew what was going on," he told the trees above him. "Back when we were warriors of Blackgult, or even starving outlaws, things were much simpler. " Craer spread eloquent hands. "Large you are, aye, I'll grant, and useless, too—but florid, now—" "Right," Sarasper agreed, a twinkle kindling deep in his weary eyes.

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