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By Florian Cajori

The slide rule, with its many diversifications, has been very important to arithmetic and engineering on account that its invention within the seventeenth century. curiosity during this box has grown dramatically and creditors can nonetheless locate a lot fabric at cheap costs. regrettably there was little details to be had aside from brands manuals and catalogs, making this reprint of Cajori's vintage fairly beneficial. additionally integrated with this reprint of the 1910 version is Cajori's broad article at the background of Gunter's Scale and the Slide Rule in the course of the seventeenth Century, released by means of the collage of California in 1920, which units forth his next findings. there's additionally a priceless explanatory creation by means of Dr. Robert okay. Otnes, editor of the magazine of the Oughtred Society. 178 pages. Illustrated. 61/8" x 91/4". challenging hide.

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Ela, Printer, 37 Cornhill. ” The Pocket Scale is of cardboard and contains two circles, 2 5/8 in. in diameter; it is pasted, inside, against the rear cover of the book. ” We have seen only one “former” edition, namely, the one of 1844, quoted above. But Favaro, op. , p. ” I am indebted to Dr. Artemas Martin, of Washington, D. , for copies of the two editions of Palmer’s booklets, described here. For a fuller account of Palmer’s Computing Scale, see the Colorado College Publication, Engineering Series, Vol.

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