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Download A monograph of the Ithomiidae (Lepidoptera) Part IV: The by Richard M Fox PDF

By Richard M Fox

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Read or Download A monograph of the Ithomiidae (Lepidoptera) Part IV: The tribe Napeogenini Fox, (American Entomological Institute. Memoir) PDF

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De Forest P. R. (1997). The potential for microscopic physical matches in casework. Abstract B70 in Proceedings of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences 3:38. 4. Kirk P. L. (1953). Crime Investigation. Interscience Publishers, New York, p. 4. 5. Gross H. (1922). Handbuch für Untersungsrichter als System der Kriminalistik (7th edn). J. Schweitzer Verlag, Berlin. 6. Palenik S. J. (1982). Microscopic trace evidence – The overlooked clue. Part I. Albert Schneider looks at some string. Microscope 30:93–100.

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