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Download A Photographic Atlas of Rock Breakdown Features in by Mary C. Bourke, Heather A. Viles (Eds.) PDF

By Mary C. Bourke, Heather A. Viles (Eds.)

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Weathering pits have also been extensively recorded on granite and similar rocks, ranging in diameter from 15-20 cm to a few meters (Migoń, 2006). Large weathering pits may have overhanging or flared sidewalls. There is still much discussion on how pits develop in rocks that produce insoluble weathering residue. Figure W13 a & b. Kamenitza (white arrows) and rillenkarren (red arrow) on limestone in the southern Namib Desert. Image courtesy of H. Viles.

In general, the closer the platform angle is to 90°, the greater the flake length (Speth, 1981). Platform angles greater than 90° deter the propagation of percussion fractures. Finally, and perhaps most intuitively, striking force plays a key role in the morphology of percussion fractures (Dibble and Whittaker, 1981; Speth, 1972; Speth, 1974). Given a particular mineralogy and collision geometry, greater striking forces will produce larger percussion fractures. These three simple relationships between flake morphology and mineralogy, geometry, and force are fundamental to understanding how percussion fractures occur on clasts.

Often they are found on ventifacts. , Maxson, 1940). A whole suite of similar features can be observed which are miniature versions of the karren features found on soluble rocks under humid conditions. (see Fig. , 1993). Figure W8 Microsolutional features formed on a basalt clast from NW Namibia. Image courtesy of H. Viles. Figure W9 a & b Microsolutional features formed on ventifacts from California. Images courtesy of J. Fonseca. 55 Chapter 4: Weathering Features Weathering grooves/rills Scale: cm Feature description: Most grooves or rills produced by weathering are part of the suite of karren features developed as a result of solution of soluble rocks.

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