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By Bill Branch

Pocket-sized identity consultant to 244 species of snakes and different reptiles present in Southern Africa. each one species account offers a full-color photo, textual content describing key identity beneficial properties, symbols depicting endangered and venomous, and a distribution map.

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So write them down, or sketch them. They may prove very valuable at a later date. A seasoned note taker will often hear a seemingly dull bit of information and, either on the spot or later, translate it into a meaningful bit of wisdom. Once down in writing or in drawing form it can be like a seed planted in fertile soil, burgeoning into growth when given the proper inducement. " It can be the difference between being a reactor or an actor. The reactor drifts along awaiting opportunities from others before making a move.

Line is a very exciting discovery that man (artists) has developed to a phenomenal degree. Drawing in line can be a real adventure and, when used skillfully, can be a source of adventure for the millions of viewers who see your work on the screen. Line is not just a tracing tool— it is a living, organic thing, capable of describing just about anything you can dream up. There are many kinds of lines. Short ones: Long ones: Curved lines: And some that get off to a good start but then seem to poop out: You can do anything with lines.

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