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Mark Sandle is Lecturer in Russian and East ecu heritage at De Montfort University.; This booklet is meant for undergraduate classes on twentieth century Soviet history/the chilly War/European history/Soviet studies/History of political thought/Marxism-Leninism. The Left.

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P. 259. 46. Marx & Engels, Selected works: the critique of the Gotha Programme, pp. 320–1. 47. McLellan, Marx selected writings, p. 169. 48. Walicki, Marxism, pp. 86–7. 49. , p. 512. 50. , p. 57. 51. Merridale (eds) (London: Edward Arnold, 1991), p. 161. 52. McLellan, Marx, selected writings, p. 157. 53. Harding, “Legitimations, nationalities and the deep structure of ideology”, in The post-Soviet nations. ) (New York: Columbia University Press, 1992), p. 83. 54. Engels has been somewhat overlooked in comparison with Marx.

Thirdly, it was inherently collectivist in its orientation. 121 Self-realization for the individual came through self-transcendence: personal interests were identical with the interests of the class as a whole. Fourthly, the Bolsheviks viewed a socialist society as one which would become increasingly harmonious and homogenous. The abolition of the root causes of class inequality and economic exploitation created the objective conditions for the achievement of social harmony and homogeneity under the higher phase of communism.

68 The stress Engels laid upon abolishing the spontaneity of market forces, on centralizing control of the economy, and on maximizing productivity was to shape the outlook of the Russian Marxist movement profoundly. His influence is central to an understanding of the emergence of a Soviet model of socialism. It is to the specific Russian context that we must now turn. Socialism in Russia: Lenin, Bolshevism and Russian socialdemocracy The ideas about socialism that became predominant in Russia prior to 1917 were produced out of the contact of Marx’s ideas (mediated substantially by Engels and Kautsky) with the traditions of Russian socialism.

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