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By Paul Morris, Deborah Sawyer

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4-8); to harden the pharaoh's heart and prolong Israel's suffering (Exod. 12); to visit the iniquity of the fathers upon their sons (Exod. 7); and to cause 48 A Walk in the Garden the Israelites to err from his ways (Isa. 5 The fact that Satan does figure in some later biblical texts (for example, Satan in 1 Chron. 1, but Yahweh in 2 Sam. 1) would have aided, not hindered this development. To be sure, other influences would have contributed to the misinterpretation of these early stories in Genesis.

QU) and also 'guard' (Heb. 23)? More could also be said about the nature of the man and his relationship to the 'ground' from which he came. All of these and other topics help remind us of the richness of this section and the wide range of themes it contains. I began by reference to 'the Fall' and the degree to which that term has influenced our thinking about the contents. I have suggested that there are more dimensions and ambiguities in the events described here than one single term could suggest.

He traces the three stages in the status of the first couples—from 'nakedness', via clothed in fig leaves, to 'coats of skin'. Lambden's chapter indicates the variety of Jewish interpretations and the formation of a 'mainstream' account of the understanding of the significance of the garments of Adam and Eve in the Jewish exegetical tradition. This particular tradition is of crucial importance for the understanding of later eschatological developments. The contributions of Paul Morris and Deborah Sawyer focus on the interpretation of the Garden narrative in the New Testament, with 30 A Walk in the Garden particular reference to St Paul, and in the Jewish exegetical traditions.

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