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By Marisa Cristina March

This thesis explores complex Bayesian statistical equipment for extracting key details for cosmological version choice, parameter inference and forecasting from astrophysical observations. Bayesian version choice offers a degree of the way stable versions in a suite are relative to one another - yet what if the easiest version is lacking and never incorporated within the set? Bayesian Doubt is an technique which addresses this challenge and seeks to bring an absolute instead of a relative degree of ways solid a version is. Supernovae variety Ia have been the 1st astrophysical observations to point the past due time acceleration of the Universe - this paintings offers a close Bayesian Hierarchical version to deduce the cosmological parameters (in specific darkish power) from observations of those supernovae variety Ia.

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16 states that the curvature of spacetime is governed by the total energy density, as expressed in the stress energy tensor. At first glance it would seem that in empty space, that is, in a vacuum, there would be no energy densities contributing to the stress energy tensor. However, ideas in quantum field theory suggest that the energy density of the vacuum is not in fact zero. Even before the development of modern quantum field theory, as early as 1916, Nernst and later Pauli in 1920, postulated that the vacuum had an energy density due to the zero point energy of the electromagnetic field, which would have observable physical manifestations [3].

2010). Dark energy: Observational and theoretical approaches, Cambridge University Press. 3. Peebles, P. J. : 2003, Reviews of Modern Physics 75, 559 4. : 2010, ArXiv e-prints 5. Frieman, J. , Turner, M. : 2008, ARA&A 46, 385 6. Riess, A. , Filippenko, A. , Garnavich, P. , Gilliland, R. , Hogan, C. , Kirshner, R. , Phillips, M. , Schmidt, B. , Schommer, R. , Smith, R. , Suntzeff, N. : 1998, AJ 116, 1009 7. , Turner, M. : 1999b, PhysRevLet 83, 670 8. Casimir, H. B. : 1948, Indag. Math. 10, 261 9.

6 it is very difficult to constrain w(z) using current observational data as even large variations in w(z) only show up as small variations in the observables. 2 A Note on Modified Gravity The most closely related alternative explanations to dark energy models for explaining apparent late time acceleration are modified gravity models. Modified gravity models are not explicitly addressed in this thesis, but it is important to highlight their existence as real alternative to dark energy or ‘modified matter’ models.

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