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By M.A.L. Nicolelis

A collective learn attempt through scientists operating in laboratories world wide, this ebook addresses matters protecting all features of neural inhabitants coding. This quantity, with contributions from unusual neuroscientists, is split into six sections containing a old evaluation of the concept that of neural inhabitants, introducing a chain of latest experimental paradigms and analytical recommendations for investigating power neural coding schemes and 4 sections targeting fresh advances in inhabitants coding in a large diversity of components of mind study.

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For acute slices, there is the concern that the electrodes are closest to a layer of dead or dying cells near the cut surface. , 1999). This 'bed-of-nails' approach might allow recording and stimulation of more healthy cells within the slice. For cultured slices, the problem is that there is poor access of oxygen and nutrients to the cells at the bottom of the slice. Thus, the ones near the electrodes again are the least healthy. , 1999). Because of these difficulties, the slice-MEA field is still in its infancy, but we can expect some advances in the near future that will help fill the gap between intact brains and dissociated networks.

MEAs have been around for a while. , 1972). They recorded field potentials from spontaneously contracting sheets of cultured chick cardiac myocytes, but could not record activity from single cells. A few years later, Pine (1980) and Gross et al. (1982) independently developed arrays for chronic multi-single-cell recording and electrical stimulation of cultured neuronal networks. , 1993; Gross and Schwalm, 1994). Fortunately, MEA technology is now accessible to labs that do not care to delve into the subtleties of computer programming, array microfabrication and electronics development.

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