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By Kevin Baker

“Among the numerous rewards of America the Ingenious, Kevin Baker’s survey of yank knowledge, is stumbling on its buried nuggets. . . . Baker examines a variety of the achievements that experience made, and nonetheless make, the USA nice again—and again.”
The Wall highway Journal

What are the origins of the electrical guitar? How did the whaling send paintings? Why used to be the discovery of the electrical motor so an important for the hot York urban subway? The impressive tales in the back of those strokes of genius and extra, advised through writer Kevin Baker, fill the pages of America the Ingenious.

listed here are seventy six of the main fascinating, vital, and creative innovations discovered in the United States, from the Panama Canal, the Hoover Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater to the oil rig, the electrical stitching computing device, and the phone. Who got here up with those rules? How lengthy did they take to gain? What have been the issues? How, precisely, do these items paintings? and the way have they affected who we're this present day? This booklet will fulfill the interest of historical past and miscellany buffs alike. Readers will stroll away with a brand new appreciation for those world-changing innovations, in addition to a newfound figuring out of what makes the USA the precise breeding flooring for ingenuity.

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Such a train would be freed from the friction of wheels meeting rail. It probably wouldn’t even have wheels, slowed only by air resistance, as if it were a plane. Over the next five decades, Dr. Powell and Dr. Danby’s ideas transformed train travel as we know it . . but not in America. Working maglev trains in Japan now routinely reach speeds of up to 311 miles an hour, and have made test runs as high as 375 miles an hour. Maglev trains already reach comparable speeds in China, Taiwan, Korea, and Germany.

Google has been testing its self-driving “Google Chauffeur” systems for years now, utilizing a Toyota Prius, an Audi, a Lexus and a Lexus SUV, and its own very compact Google X cars, which look like something out of Woody Allen’s futuristic comedy Sleeper. All told, the cars have undergone over a million miles of road and highway testing and have endured only a handful of minor accidents, nearly all of them caused by peopleoperated cars rear-ending or side-swiping them. Delphi, the auto parts supplier, has had similar success, sending its self-driving Roadrunner car 3,400 miles across the country, from San Francisco to New York, without incident.

Top speed today is fifty-five miles an hour. The three New York subway lines—the IRT (Interborough Rapid Transit Company), BMT (Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation), and the IND (Independent Subway System)— were unified under public ownership in 1939 in what was the largest railroad merger in US history. B ui l ding the N e w York S ubway It was in New York, though, that the subway would reach its apotheosis, becoming almost synonymous with T H E G E N I U S D E TA I L S 23 DR E A M C A R THE LINCOLN ZEPHYR T hey said he got the idea from watching a flight of geese as they moved through the fall sky in their “V” formation—or a squadron of army planes, or one of the new airships, the Zeppelins, that appeared in American skies in the 1920s.

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