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Natick was the first praying town, and there Eliot conducted a sort of summer teacher training program for young Indians, who were taught English, Latin, and Greek. Eliot’s teaching method was to deliver lectures, after which student questions were discussed. Eliot’s work was most successful with those Indians who had been debilitated by war and disease. The Puritans insisted that the Indians give up their traditional lifeways, including long hair for men and short hair for women (Layman 1942; Szasz 1988).

12, 49). Early New Mexico and California The first permanent mission in New Mexico was founded in 1598. Over the next three centuries nearly three hundred Franciscans, thirty-eight of whom were killed by Indians, served in the Southwest. The Indians of the Southwest tended to be more agrarian and peaceful than those of the Northeast, but they did not take kindly to domination by the Spanish. When in 1599 Acoma Pueblo resisted a Spanish military expedition’s demands for food, finally by armed resistance, Spanish retribution was drastic.

Primary education of Indians was considered poor, and “precision in penmanship and Latin oratory” were considered the “supreme goals” (Heath 1972, 59). The Northeast After 1611 Jesuits established missions in present-day Maine, New York, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Canada, plus one in 20 AMERICAN INDIAN EDUCATION Louisiana that was reached by traveling down the Mississippi River. A description of a Jesuit Indian seminary is found in the Jesuit Relations of 1637. Students rose in the morning to say their prayers and then went to mass.

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