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Saxifrages, which however, in gardens, tend to be extra safely named. The confusion one of the Sedums seems to be due more often than not to the truth that a few of them are rampant growers which invade the territory of neighbouring crops and crush them. In nurseries this absolutely results in the intruders being despatched out occasionally less than the names of the species which they've got ousted. The smallest scrap of a lot of those vegetation in lots of circumstances unmarried leaves will take root and develop, and therefore items unintentionally dropped or carried via wind or different enterprises may possibly identify the species at a distance from the mother or father. A achieve, many of the species of the rupestre team, significantly S. altissimum and S. Douglasii, have a behavior of shedding in autumn a variety of brief barren shoots, that are rolled approximately by way of wind and so forth, and take root anyplace they discover a safe haven. there's little question that those evidence move a ways to account for the varied names lower than which universal free-growing Sedums, reminiscent of album, acre, sexangnlare, reflexutn, rupestre, anopetalum, altissimum, and spurium are present in gardens. yet a great number of misnomers are as a result of mere carelessness. A nother regrettable function as regards the Sedums is the variety of nomina nuda names which belong to no defined species that are present in connexion with them. Many nurserymen scatalogues are choked with such names. a few are essentially perversions, as a result of carelessness, of recognized names such, for example, are crimealense for himalense, and glaciate for gracile; however the majority appear to be planned unlicensed christenings. i've got given somewhere else a listing of such of those as i've got encountered and suffered from and it truly is to be was hoping that they are going to disappear from our catalogues. a lot of them haven't even the advantage of being utilized regularly to anybody species. A nother reason behind misnaming one of the Sedums is the truth that, like mos
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These stems are mostly but not always annual, usually arising in summer or autumn and lengthening to a varying extent, resting during the winter, and flowering and dying in the following spring or summer. The rootstock is sometimes large and fleshy, as in some members of the Sedastrum group, more often small, with a tuft of fibrous roots. The flowers are mostly white, but one species has red and one yellow flowers; and the stems and leaves exhibit considerable variety. Nevertheless, the growth-form is distinctive; they are best classed together as a separate section, Mexicana.

Or sometimes S. Wallichianum Hooker — ; ; by Maximowicz (Bull. Acad. , 29, 126) De Candolle's plant 56 SOCIETY. JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL HORTICULTURAL Fig. 20. — S. crassipes Wallich. ACCOUNT OF GENUS SEDUM AS FOUND IN CULTIVATION. 57 JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. 58 is described as having entire leaves tegerrimis obtusis "), and is (" foliis clearly different ; lineari-lingulatis in- Wallich's name crassipes appears to be the oldest for our plant. Hooker's WalUchianum is not distinct from it, being a form with leaves more divided than usual.

Ii. p. 93) renders diagnosis and often difficult. different Especially as regards the colour of the — JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. 28 taken as parts of the flower, the following descriptions must not be possess. plants the of many which variation of exhausting the range Series Rhodiolae I. Group I. I. Sedum roseum ^ RosEAE. Scopoli " Flor. Camiohca," ed. 5. roseum Scopoli, Synonyms. s. (fig. 2, 1, 4). 326, 1772. " Species Plantarum," 1035. Sedum rosea Prodromus," 8. 401 ; Maximowicz in Bulletin Acad.

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